NJ TDB Consulting Services

NJ TDB Consulting Services


NJ employers have the right to shop their state disability plans just like life, health or disability insurance. Unfortunately, for many, being with the state is the worst possible situation due to a lack of service and higher price point.

State of NJ Private Plan Website

Moving to a private plan can save the employer money, but most important it helps the HR team and employees when someone must use the benefit. Claims turnaround time is <1 week vs. 4+ weeks with the state and the client gets a dedicated account management team with a private carrier.

By law, everything else remains the same or better. A private plan has the exact benefit structure and employee contribution required to by law. Employees will continue to contribute the same amount per paycheck as they do now.

Temporary Disability Benefits Frequently Asked Questions. Download The FAQ Now!!

How We Can Help

Nelligan & Associates has developed a unique systematic approach to NJ TDB that has been fine-tuned by helping over 1,000 clients go private over the years. This experience helps us guide implementation. Our block of TDB premium is significant which we leverage up front and block renew with our carrier partners. Nelligan has privatized more NJ TDB in recent years than anyone in the business.